UMANA ENAMEL : A sanitizing water-based enamel.

Umana is a new white architectural washable paint, is the result of extensive studies by Loggia Laboratories, which have devised a paint that is easy to apply and has de-polluting qualities thanks to a natural photocatalytic process triggered by sunlight and a sanitizing action that is sure to be effective. Umana is designed to make environments healthier by purifying the air on a daily basis, thus improving living qualities.

Umana purifies your air. Thanks to the photocatalytic action of Nanotitanium and the mere input of sunlight, a photocatalytic process is triggered, causing pollutants to be transformed into very small amounts of simple mineral salts, such that Umana becomes unpolluted.

Umana Is with sanitizing action. Additional photocatalytic qualities of Umana consist in the abatement of multiple bacteria, premising the 'sanitization of the environment decorated with Umana. Medesimal antibacterial qualities allow the abatement of mold and odors, making it markedly anti-allergenic.